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Psalm 1 “Delight in His Word” by Jeff Harlow

Psalm 1 “The Beauty and Blessing of the Psalter by Brian Phillips

Psalm 2 “The Laughter of Victory” Sermon Notes (pdf) by Dave Hatcher

Psalm 2 by John Barach

Psalm 6 “How Long?” by John Barach

Psalm 7 by Peter Jones

Psalm 8 by Uri Brito

Psalm 8 by Peter Jones

Psalm 8 “Lower, Then Higher” by John Barach

Psalm 8 “The Glory of God’s Works” by Brian Phillips

Psalm 11 “Trusting God Through Trials by Gene Liechty

Psalm 12 by John Barach

Psalm 12 by Virgil Hurt

Psalm 14 by Virgil Hurt

Psalm 19 (Two Lectures) by Bill Grete

Psalm 25 “Singing in the Dark by Jeff Harlow

Psalm 32 “Suffering for Sin” by Dennis Tuuri

Psalm 46 ” A Mighty Fortress: The Triumph of God;  Reformation Sunday” by Uri Brito

Psalm 52 “Reformation Sunday” by Jason Farley

Psalm 54 “Lament, Imprecation, and Hope: The Prayer of the Righteous” by Uri Brito

Psalm 72 “Victory” by Rich Lusk

Psalm 97 “Advent in the Psalter: When God Comes” by Rich Lusk, For sermon follow up, click here.

Psalm 103 “Our Merciful Lord” by Gene Liechty

Psalm 127 “The Psalms We Sing” by Gregg Strawbridge

Psalm 136 by Faris Paxton

Psalm 139:1-6, 13-24 “Search Me, O God!” by Uri Brito & Sermon Manuscript

Psalm 54 Lament, Imprecation, and Hope: The Prayer of the Righteous



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