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Sermon Series by Tim Gallant

“Running in Vain?” (Galatians 2.1-2)

“Struggle in Jerusalem” (Galatians 2.3-5)

“Pillars in Partnership” (Galatians 2.6-10)

“Paul Withstands a Pillar” (Galatians 2.11-14)

“Last Days Justification (1)” (Galatians 2.15-16)

“Last Days Justification (2)” (Galatians 2.16-18)

“An Inheritance Begun” (Galatians 3.1-5)

“Heirs of Abraham’s Gospel” (Galatians 3.6-9)

“Israel’s Dilemma” (Galatians 3.10)

“Israel’s Hope” (Galatians 3.11-12)

“Liberated By the Accursed Son” (Galatians 3.13-14)

“Secure Promises for a Secure Seed” (Galatians 3.15-18)

“A Limited Law” (Galatians 3.19-25)

“How to Dress Like a Grown-Up (Part 1)” (Galatians 3.26-27)

“How to Dress Like a Grown-Up (Part 2)” (Galatians 3.28-29)

“Christmas for Slaves” (Galatians 4.1-7)

“Up From Slavery – and Back” (Galatians 4.8-11; for a related sermon on Mark 2.23-28, click here.)

“The Apostle As Mom” (Galatians 4.12-20)



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